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Words and Healing: The Power of a Sentence Crafted

I read something this morning that completely and wholly articulated a feeling I had been unable to name for a long time. It was a breath of fresh air. Like drinking in freedom. Kinship.

And it reminded me, again, of the divine intersection between words and healing.


Have you ever had someone take your pain and name it?

Not to fix it. But to See it. To Recognise it.

That illusive thing that feels just beyond your comprehension.

That you cannot quite articulate.

That's floating around you, and through you, ruffling things.

And then you find it - in the depth of written words.

There's a Click. A Shift. A Nod. A Deep Yes.

A lump in your throat that dissolves.

Or forms.

Something comes together, or something falls away.

Words can consolidate us. Empower us.

And Equally -

Words can Shake Us Open.

Bring necessary discomfort

And a tingling of the skin that says 'it's time to create change'

To have dialogue that speaks to how we feel is such a gift.

Such A Gift.

Because it allows us to more fully embody what we are in.

And when words make us more embodied, they make us more alive.

Words can help our brain and our conscious thoughts connect with what our hearts are already feeling.

Weave us together and solidify the pieces of ourselves so we can find clarity and strength in our circumstances.

Words can see us -

And allow us to see ourselves more fully.

And when we see more fully... My goodness...

Words can catalyse us towards an action step.

Written words are not directive, or prescriptive.

In their correct use they are Encouragers. Supporters.


They call forward gentle growth and soft reflection

within the space of our own autonomous choice.

Words. Healing.

The very best of comrades.

Intimately linked to bring us closer to ourselves.

And oomph, this is what I am here for.

And I will forever marvel the crucial role words can play in mending and invigorating our souls.

Prompt: What feelings or circumstances are currently circulating within your cells? Can you dive into some words about it? Read someone else's or write your own. And then gently pay attention - can you feel burdens lighten, something soften, perspective broadening, and things changing a little? X

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