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You've got a lot on your plate. Read this. Please.

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

I learnt this lesson from motherhood. But it's something I'll keep remembering forever. This applies to every person who has a lot on their plate.

Something was not right. And then I put my finger on it. The single most damaging habit I have around my health right now.

And I'm doing it to myself!

It crept in so sneakily, and yet, here it was, peppered all throughout the way I run my days.

I like to think I am pretty good at hearing what my body has to say.

Ten years ago I wouldn't have heard my body talking to me if it using a megaphone.

But time, practice, and ye ol' health challenges have allowed me to hone the art of listening to what my body has to say. And catching those messages early when they are simply a whisper.

However recently, fuelled by the enormity of the things there are to do each day, a terrible little habit has burrowed into my brain.

It goes like this:

'Gosh, I'm thirsty. Must get myself a glass of water.'

And then:

“Yep. I hear you body. And I'll be with you in a minute. I just want to do this one last thing...”

Sound familiar?

Essentially what I am telling my body is: yep, I'm listening to you body, I hear your needs, and I WILL drink that glass of water / put my feet up / grab a snack / priorities my health... but only once I have unpacked the dishwasher / sent this email / hung out this washing / tended to this child / finished sending this text message...

But here's the kicker. The second list literally never ends. Not even for a minute. By the time the dishwasher is unpacked, the washing is ready to be pegged out (and the sooner the better if the sun is shining). Before that is done there is a kid crying that needs tending to and then I'm well and truly stuck, wondering why on earth I didn't just have the glass of water / put my feet up / grab the snack when it was just the dishwasher needing to be unpacked.

Oh, motherhood.

You make priorities really really messy and clouded, and then you make them super clear...

Drink, eat, sleep, keep offspring alive, repeat.

The washing can wait.

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