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We Are The Goddess Rising

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

I penned an Ode to International Womens Day recently. It haunts me in the best kind of way. So I want to share it with you here.

Try silence me with the heavy burden of shame about the experiences I own And the fires I’ve walked through - Instead I will breathe. Gather. But I won’t be quiet. I will not disappear.

Try to distract me With societal expectations Of what it is to be beautiful and feminine and worthy and whole - Today I will look at my legs and my soft abdomen and adore them completely.

Tell me there’s a god damn thing a woman cannot do

and I’ll take your hand and lead you to a woman that is smashing that limit you set.

I am no longer listening. I am calling your bullshit. I am Not confused distracted or ashamed.

I am standing in the centre of my power Grounding firm. My sisters standing alongside.

Women. We are divine. So necessary. And so worthy.

This is Not the rebel or the outspoken few.



I use this image from my first pregnancy because pregnancy and birth are the places I have dismantled my perceived limitations. Stopped giving them air. Left them on the floor and cracked into the very depth of my divine power.

It’s critical to say : we women will experience standing into our power and finding our voice in diverse circumstances. A boardroom. A lunchroom. A birth room. In community. Looking in the mirror. Ordinary moments can spark the most defining courage and allow us to crack into our depth. Look to Rosa Parks. Her moment was on a god damn bus.

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