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The Final Weeks of Pregnancy : Creating Sacred Space

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

If there is ever a time to make conscious choices around where you're energy and attention flows, this is it.

This is time for Sacred Space.

Sacred Space looks different for each person and each pregnancy, but here are some gentle guiding principles.

1. Tune into what your body is telling you

Not to the To Do List on the bench, or to what everyone else is telling you to do. Listen to what Your Own Cells are asking you for.

Listen to your body like you've never listened before.

Step towards the things that make you feel calm and centred, replenished and held.

I have seen some women thrive on activity as they approach their due date. They spend their days calming and preparing themselves by connecting with friends on coffee dates.

I've seen some women who most fully prepare by thinking about life 'on the other side' of birth. They are bulk buying nuts and cooking meals for the freezer.

I absolutely thought I would be this women leading up to birth, but I wasn't. The thought of going to the shops was too much for me. And that's okay too. To listen in and find that my brain needed quite space, and then to actively honour that, is a treasure I will keep forever.

I was the next women - the meditate and hibernate woman. The sit-on-the-couch-with-the-dog woman.

These women spend their time meditating. Walking. Breathing. Writing. Creating. Perhaps watching consecutive episodes of sub-par TV. No judgement here!

It's great to keep in mind that the things that nourish you towards the end of pregnancy may be the same things you've always loved. But they may be the exact opposite too. And that's okay.

If you're normally active, but your body craves rest, go with it.

If you're always out and about, but you feel pulled to potter at home, honour that.

The aim simply to listen to what your body is whispering.

And to remember that no approach is 'more right' than another.

It's up to you to define what works.

2. Move the glorious structure that is you

Find ways that feel right to keep moving your body each day.

Even if you feel huge. Even if you feel tired. Move in some way.

Walking, swimming, yoga. Slow strolls, hill walks, walking on soft sand.

No matter if you're planning an active birth or an elective caesarean, your body will handle labour and recovery better if you keep that beautiful body of yours moving.

Exercise also helps to clear your head and move through the big emotions that can come up at this time. To offer up fresh perspective, a knowledge of your body working, and some nice breathing space. Physical and emotional benefits here.

3. Surround yourself with positive stories

There are so many positive and divine birth resources in this world right now. Amazing books, podcasts and birth photographers sharing their images on social media that will get you inspired for the divine work ahead.

I must have read thousands of birth stories. Each one with there own unique lessons and their own beauty.

4. Find a beautiful ritual to connect with the miracle of it all

Make it something nice and easy.

Especially if this part of pregnancy is feeling rough.

This is holding space for the deep wonder of it all. The what-you're-doing-is-actually-extremely-miraculous part of it all. The part that's deeper than the you-with-the-sciatica, or the you-with-the-insomnia, or the you-with-the-heartburn.

This part shines a light on You-The-Miracle.

This is connecting that the miracle your body is already performing right now paves the way for the miracle that will continue to unfold as you bring your precious babe earthside.

Your ability in this moment projecting into your future ability for labour and motherhood.

This was particularly crucial for me second time round. The end of that pregnancy was particularly tough and I found myself in a mental loop of just wanting/needing it to be over.

And Oh, have seen so many women feeling the exact same way!

Just wanting and needing it to be over.

What helps are these ten minutes to purposefully connect into the glorious little human inside. And the honour of the work of it all.

For me, I made space for this at the end of each day - when the sun was down and the house finally quiet. I would light a candle, breathe deeply, rub some oil into my belly. I would connect with the tiny curled up little love inside. And I have such sweet memories of these moments. In my memory they feel like the only ten minutes each day where the frustration and relentlessness would truly melt. They helped me feel prepared and nourished and patient and kind towards myself.

And those final days and weeks were so much sweeter for it.

And so, I would recommend exploring something like this to cultivate Sacred Space in these final weeks.

Above all, know that you've got this.

And that even if you're feeling the full spectrum of your emotions and you're tired and filled with physical discomfort, your body is preparing you. That You Are Ready.

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