• amyobrien

I didn't enjoy pregnancy. I'm okay with that.

I didn't particularly enjoy being pregnant. I felt huge gratitude. But I didn't enjoy it.

As multi-layered women I believe both things can exist side-by-side.

That it's healthy to feel what we feel And be honest about it.

Our society has a dangerous awe of pregnancy that leaves women feeling trapped by their need for gratitude.

Unable to express how they really feel without some form of disclosure: 'I know I should feel grateful, but...'

Here's what I've seen: Being honest about how we feel in pregnancy Is not just a huge relief It also opens the doors for something truly beautiful - Being honest about how we feel As mothers.

Because if there is ever a time where societies expectation and a woman's individual experience can split further apart than in pregnancy then it's those early months and years of motherhood.

We need mothers to feel CONFIDENT and STRONG in expressing how they are feeling.

And I truly believe that it starts by simply knowing that we can feel grateful for the experience of new life and young life whilst also feel other things too.

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