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I don't want an Apology [A Call to Take Up Space]

We are always apologising for ourselves. For our human-ness. I see it in the clinic every day and I've done it myself too. But I have something to say about it. Enough Enough Enough.


I don’t want another apology for your unshaven legs. Your spilling tears.

My ears can’t take it. My heart can’t take it.

And all I see in front of me Is a goddess.

I can see that you’re walking through the flames of one of your hardest battles. And still, you show up. Again and again. I stand in awe of you.

So do not apologise. Not to me - I don’t want it.

Your Power is Visible. Palpable. Breathable.

And it sits just beneath those perceived inadequacies (hairy legs, what’s ‘appropriate’ and things...)

I can see it. Feel it. The Power you lean on on tough days like these.

You are divine. Right as you are. In the mess of it all.

And I wish (Oh how I wish...) above all things that for just one moment you see yourself as I do now.

You see that your very real tears and very real body hair and very real human emotions and complexities are what makes you a member of this delicious ride called life.

Those things you fear are the very same things that make you Real and Beautiful and Alive.

And hey, me too.

As all things we are in this together.

So lets see all our unease and all our apology

for what they are -

unnecessary, distracting, unhelpful.

Lets stand into the deep resolve To exist just as we are

To Take Up Space.

With nothing to apologise for.

Because THAT

is when we are truly powerful.


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