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Anxiety : A Lesson

I grapple with anxiety. It is a foe and a friend.

Sometimes it stops me from being in the present moment. Other times it is the very reason I am forced to bring myself back to the present moment.

It's easy to say 'take it easy' or 'relax' or 'just breathe'. But what we need are real life examples of how to implement positive changes when the rushing feelings of go-go-go race through. What we need are tools.

I hope this first taste of how to move with anxiety provides just that.

Please feel free to share with friends that you can take this approach with together.

Who doesn't want to feel a little more at ease?

Big love. Amy

Every part of me wanted to RUN.

Runners on.

Hair tied up.


But I realised,


that what I really needed was grounding.

To remind my anxious self

that there was no tiger to run from.

I untied my hair.

Took a breath. And I walked.

I tapped into all I could see, taste, smell and feel.

I walked slowly on the uneven sand

and took a breath.

Giggled at the dogs jumping in the ocean

and took another.

It is always always a good idea

to look underneath our motivation.

Especially when we’re feeling anxious. Stressed.

Turns out, it is possible to move through stress

without exercising to highest capacity.

Took me decades to realise that.

Sometimes I still need reminding.

We don’t need to meet frantic with frantic.

To try and out-frazzle our frazzle.

And as I swapped my angry hill run

For a soul-filling pier walk

I remembered...

The tiger is in my mind,

So I breathed him out instead.

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