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Seasonal Living: A Love Letter to Autumn

Updated: May 28, 2019

Living in line with the seasons is an approach that flies under the radar when it comes to caring for our health. But it is too important to stay there, so I will be sharing my love for each season as they roll around.

Eating food that's in season and wearing the clothes that line up with our external environment is part of it. But it is also so much more.

It's about listening to what our body is craving in each season. Preparing for the season that will follow. It's about looking forward. Preparing beautiful foundations.

Here are some thoughts about the crisp and divine season of Autumn.


Oh, Autumn. She brings the goods.

She brings with her the friction of necessary change.

She stands tall And whispers: Let them fall.

All the parts of yourself you no longer need. All the things you thought were necessary to hold. All the places that you are digging in. All the places you are forcing and holding too tightly.

All these parts within and of yourself.

Release them. And let them fall.

Lighten, she whispers.

Even things as light as leaves will become heavy eventually.

If you no longer need them Let them go.

Autumn lightens us to call us in deeply. Fully.

The deep solidification of winter is coming. Now it’s time to reflect and make conscious choices.

What commitments and patterns will you take with you into the coming deep deep season of winter?

Autumn. With her crisp divine morning air - The fresh cold air Of perspective.

She is so clear with her intention as she whispers.

Choose. Release. And let go.

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