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Shitty Days are Progress Days

Shitty days, or shitty hours in otherwise unremarkable days, get a bad rap.

Understandably. They're pretty tough places in be in.

But shitty days and shitty hours spark change.

These are the moments where we can really grow.

Where we redirect ourselves.

Say No.

Reset boundaries. Redefine our metrics for success.

Where we ask for the help we need.

Move away from what's not serving.

And these are all pretty powerful things.

The reality is, no one on social media is showing up on their shitty days. So we are seeing a dangerously skewed picture.

Those days are not particularly photogenic, it's true.

And they're defiantly not easy to talk about.

So shitty days can fall into a gaping void of let's-pretend-it-never-happens.

We can even fall into the trap of thinking it's us alone having rough days. That there's something uniquely wrong with us.

In the clinic I've sat with hundreds of lovely folks in the middle of some very shitty days.

Turns out, shitty days are really common. And we all have them.

The skill we need to develop is listening to them.


I had a number of really shitty days in a row recently. The sum of which culminated in an Eat, Pray, Love style collapse on the floor. A sea of tears. And a burning desire for change.

I didn't like the feeling. It's because we don't like that feeling that it's so darn effective.

The discomfort of those moments asking me to step towards the most delicious string of changes.

Ye Ol' life tinkering.

As a result of that particular string of shitty days I am now reading books again for the first time in years. Writing again. Playing netball.

Without those shitty days and big tears I'd still be spending my moments feeling powerless and frustrated that I didn't have time for those things.

Shitty days are catalysts sorely needed to propel us. To take charge. To implement change. To shake things up. Shitty days are normal, and letting them travel through us is good for our health.

Let's hold some positive space for shitty days.

Here's to really hearing them and feeling fully into them.

Here's to the way they unravel and inspire us.

These are not wasted days.

Gold lies deep inside them.

Let's let the frustration of interruption slide off our shoulders

As we redefine shitty days as progress days.

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