I am a Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist.

I have been in practice for 11 years - in Perth and Melbourne.

I hold a Bachelor Applied Science (Chinese Medicine) and a Bachelor Applied Science (Human Biology).

And I Never Stop Learning. 

I have undertaken further training in Classical Chinese Medicine under the mentorship of Arnaud Versluys. I am also currently undertaking Birth Attendant Training with Rhea Dempsey.

I live each day with a gentle curiousity about how we can stack the cards in our favour when it comes to our own glorious health.​


Outside of the practice I have two young kiddos who I love dearly and that keep me from ever sitting down or finishing a single cup of tea.

Being in practice is one of my life's greatest joys.

And only partly because with patients I can actually sit down and have that cup of tea! 


Sitting beside amazing people and watching them create, and recreate, their own fabulous health is a huge privilege.

Crafting individualised and multifaceted solutions brings me to life. 


I plant seeds. Allow space. And together we let the more surface parts of us slide away so that these beautiful folks can openly share how life is challenging them.

It is with this front row seat into what we are most deeply challenged by that I began connecting-the-dots. And what I found is something I had not expected... I was having the same conversations. The same themes threading through my clinic days. It struck me that independent of our individual symptoms or conditions, which might look very different, we are all very much going through the same things.

On different timelines. To different degrees. But each of us moving though these same things.

My Conclusion: Different symptoms, common threads.

Strategies and tools that prove useful for a woman trying to conceive might also help a young girl navigating a stressful exam period. They may be just as relevant for someone with debilitating migraines, or grappling anxiety.

Gah! These are the things we need to know!

For a long time I felt frustrated that these things weren't already out there. That with all the writings on health and caring for the self, that there are such easy to implement and impactful things that we are completely missing.

I knew the time would come when I would pour out these words. To name these common threads.

And so, The Written Elixir was born.



Words can be medicine. So I'm writing them all down here.

This idea planted in my heart when I first started practice over ten years ago, and momentum to create this space grew as my clinical experience grew.

Whispers and daydreams gathered into stedfast determination, and eventually my need to create this online space - this clinic without walls - overgrew even my disastrously limited tech abilities.

After all these years I can confidently say: this is the space that's been missing.

The Written Elixir is a space to open our hearts and talk about big things.

To have our life experiences normalised, our differences and inadequacies dissolved.

So we discover that we are all very much the same.

The Written Elixir is a space to step towards positive change.

To unearth fresh perspective and discover tiny tips that can make our days more real and more beautiful.

Every day we create and recreate ourselves.

Every day, growing and changing. 

Every day we can make choices that bring us closer to our own fabulous centre.

Every day that we intentionally create ourselves we intentionally create our world.

Read more about the power of words as medicine (create link inc word document)





Let's take a deep breath to celebrate where we are. Right now.

We are all doing just fine.

With all the messiness and unease,

the joy and the difficulties.

Let's remind ourselves that there is no rush. No known destinations.

That we have our whole lives to gently work towards these things.

Slowly, slowly.

These are my lessons - learnt from grief and from illness.

From textbooks and from long days at university.

From childbirth and from motherhood.

From my teachers and from my patients.

I hope you find these words to be both useful and lovely.

And that wherever this may find you, that they might provide a warm and comforting elixir.

Big love,