the written elixir

Understanding Our Cells.   Standing In Our Power.
Words can be Medicine. 
I've seen it in my Chinese Medicine Practice.
I've felt it in my own life too.
Come on in.   Let's explore.


We have such power. Such beauty. Such strength.

And we could do with being a little easier on ourselves.

These are not words from a pedestal.

Oh no.

These are well and truely words from the trenches.

These are the strategies I have implemented with the gorgeous folks who've come into my practice as a Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist. The lessons I have sometimes learnt the hard way myself.

These are the opportunities we're missing. The thought reframes worth considering. To make our days easier and bring us tiny little slices of ease, power and joy.

L A T E S T    W O R D S

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